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SeaPoint Marine Services LLC

Identification Number: 445486723


  • Director's Name Last Name Ketevan Beridze
  • Email crew@seapoint.ge
  • Contact Email crew@seapoint.ge
  • Mobile phone
  • Contact phone crew@seapoint.ge
  • Legal address 2 Gorgiladze street, Batumi, Georgia
  • Actual address 73 Parnanaz Mephe street, Batumi, Georgia
  • Certificate number 445486723
  • Web page www.seapoint.ge


“SeaPoint Marine Service” LLC is a crew management company which has been recently based in the most strategic city port Batumi . The founder and the director of the company has been in the crewing sector for 20 years and has a wide knowledge, skills and experience in relevant activities ensuring the professional and high quality service for either owners or seafarers in all aspects on the high level. The company is duly licensed and certified in accordance with MLC and ISO standards.

“SeaPoint Marine Service” is able to deliver full crew and single crew members to merchant vessels of different types. The well trained and dedicated team of the crew managers can provide 24 hour highest quality, cost effectiveness, crew logistics and the full range of crewing services.

It is the company policy to ensure that each vessels is manned with qualified, certified and medically fit seafarers in accordance with national and international standards.

To conduct a wise an fair selection of Marine Personnel
To answer all crew requirements promptly
To select the Officers and crew best suited for the position
To comply with SOLAS and STCW, and the national and international codes, rules and regulations
To send all required crew to the designated port in a specific time
To maintain and upgrade standards of seagoing staff through proper training

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